Our Reviews

" Great place. Straightforward, personable, quick, knowledgeable. Everything you could ask for when it comes to car repair. They always answer questions for me and give me good recommendations. Repairs always turn out well and I can't recommend them enough! "
William Papsco

" I've been taking my 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora to Morgan for several years. They always do an excellent job, and the car is always ready when they say it will be. Recently my dashboard lights burned out, and they were able to find a duplicate replacement dashboard -- now, it's good as new. Very dependable service. "
Charles Hinkle

" Came in on a pretty tight budget having just (perhaps unwisely) bought a 30 year old car for cheap. I asked them to perform an inspection and let me know what it would take to fix a couple other specific items. Within a few hours of dropping the car off, Thomas had provided me a breakdown of everything they found/recommended be addressed, as well as (totally reasonable) pricing for them to fix each item. Being on a budget, I asked them to handle some of the more challenging items and let them know I would take care of the rest. Two business days later, I got a text saying the car was ready. Can't ask for a better experience than that! "
Morgan Petersen

" I brought my 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora to Morgan's after two other shops gave up on it. Thomas read the records, and when I asked if he thought the car was reparable, he said, "We fix everything that comes in here." That proved to be true. Thomas looked deeper than anyone else and discovered a wiring problem. He returned my car in such good shape that it passed DEQ, which was the ultimate goal! Two months later, I was sailing along a bit too happily when I wrecked a wheel on a curb and broke part of the frame. AAA was barely able to tow it to Morgan's and said the car was totaled, but Thomas came out and agreed to take on the repairs. He helped me at a time of urgent need, found the rare parts, and again brought my car back to life. I will never forget his extraordinary diagnostic ability, skill, and generosity, for I'm sure he didn't charge for the full value of his work. I wish I could find a physician as good! "
Amy Kaufman

" A gem of a place to have your car repaired. Honest, reliable and on point with my Prius. The dealer quoted me 3 time the amount to repair the vehicle, so I was happy with the quote I received from Morgan Auto Repair. They did excellent work, were friendly and so easy to work with. Left my vehicle cleaner than when I left it! Highly recommended! "

" I've been taking my vehicles to Morgan Automotive going on 3-4yrs now. I've always been satisfied with their service. They are friendly, welcoming, efficient, and always do a good job. I highly recommend them. "
Kyle DeHart

" Thomas, an engineer there is so knowledgeable and competent. He was so transparent about what was wrong with my car and texted me about what he will do to fix it and the price. He is an amazing engineer! I will always consult with him about my car. "
Mayumi Imakura

" Great experience. They were super fast and the price was right. I’ll definitely be back! Edit: I have indeed been back a few times, and wish I could give them 6 stars. They’re not cheap, but it’s honest, fair, high quality, and everyone who works there is very competent and very friendly! I recommend them to everyone.. "

" 30 Years in the car business I've dealt with a lot of service departments including Mercedes and BMW. Although having a large service department doesn't mean you'll have a great experience most of the time they treat you like a number. On the other hand Bryan at Morgan's Auto Repair and the rest of his employee's treat you like your their only customer. They are truly respectful of your time wither it's a small job or a warranty claim. Their prices are very fair and will keep you informed about the status of your repair.They may be small but you will feel like your number one. Do yourself a favor and call Bryan the next time you need a repair on your car you won't be disappointed. "
Gary Noack